Teaches the power of believing in “YOU”

The secret enables you to create the body you want in a healthy, positive way.  We cover nutrition, exercise, psychology and everyday life and we guarantee results that are limitless! We concentrate on adapting the client’s lifestyle for a permanent change rather than a quick fix but with instant results.To improve the mindset as well as health-energy and lifestyle- whilst inspiring others with this proven contagious program. We believe you should not face anything in this world on your own and we have created an online community via social media with everyone facing different challenges and goals. Through this online community you will not only get support and encouragement but also inspire others.

We believe in the power of positivity and encouragement not just from our professionals but others taking the same journey with you. You will experience with them the highs and the lows and create friends that understand the struggles you have or have been through “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” We create a program around your lifestyle and individual enjoyment and motivation. Many of the secret ingredients to My Life Management are detailed proven solutions that create lasting changes with quick results inside and out.  Join the MLM movement and watch not only your health and body improve but your whole life.  Start the journey with us today…..


Founder of Mylife-Management

‘Life is what you make it’

From an early age Jack has been around a very high level of sporting competition with top coaches and peers in football, signing a contract at Portsmouth football club at the age of 7 and staying in the professional environment with the club until 18 years of age.

Throughout his time at the previous premier league club he worked with some of the top coaches in the world, football specialists, sports analysis, sport psychologists and Nutritional coaches whilst playing along side some of the top players in the current premier league and leagues around the world.

Once his career at Portsmouth ended he made a move into a different culture and style of living, moving to California to study a Kinesiology/Sports Psychology bachelors degree on a scholarship for soccer for 5 years. Throughout his years living in California Jack coached soccer and personal training with many teams and children. He learnt many different cultures and different techniques to bring out the best in each character constantly evolving their skills, analysing every person as an individual, understanding the different needs for every person: young or old, professional or amateur.

Jack then moved to Germany and Australia playing professional football and once again experiencing another two different cultures before his career ended after a bad injury. He decided to move onto his new career, something that he had a huge passion for.

When creating My Life Management it was designed around the lifestyle and permanent change rather than “a quick fix”….quick results but with lasting change. The design was for someones mentality to dramatically change whilst creating the lifestyle and body the client wants so that they change their life in a positive way in every aspect of their life.

Jack strongly believes that everyones motivation and desires are different so how can one program be created for everyone? This is why he tailors each program to specifically tackle your problem areas. Everyone is battling different problems in life and unity is a massive belief of jacks bringing many of his online clients together creating friends and companions helping and supporting each other. Throughout the design of the programs he has added many secret ingredients that have been missed out by many thus creating quick results but with lasting change.