MY-ACADEMY is the Pride of mylife-management with one of the highest success rates in online training.

All of our programs are truly personalised and adapted for you, your lifestyle, job, likes and dislikes, to create an unstoppable program which transforms your life inside and out. At MYLIFE MANAGEMENT we want to create great feelings and health but ultimately want our women to look incredible and feel beautiful. We target your problem areas, we work on proportion control throughout the body and want our women to be able to fit into that dress they have always wanted to but never could or just feel confident enough to wear clothes they have never worn before. It’s not all just about health we want you to be proud of how you look too.

All of our studies and years of experience results in the blueprint that is different to any other. We don’t only work our success through fitness and nutrition but we base all success and practise through the mind and angles of motivation. We understand every woman is different meaning different dreams, different goals, different struggles, different likes and dislikes, and ultimately different people this is why our specialised questionnaire helps our specialists create an unstoppable program battling with you on your team as MY-ACADEMY does not know how to lose or fail. We will change your life. Manage your life to create the best possible you!

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