Mylife- management are extremely passionate about resistance training with the powerful easy-to-use resistance bands.

We have created three programs with their own specialised bands which come free with your program.

The three programs are not designed for beginners intermediate and advanced they’re designed to work from resistance level one to three at your own personal intensity. The reasons these programs are spreading globally is because anyone can get life changing results from a top athlete to a complete beginner.

If you’re worried about joining a gym or beginning exercise at all then the bands are for you, they are proven to create less stress to the joints by improving stabilisation and eliminating compensation of movement preventing muscle soreness and injury.

You can not be too over weight or unfit for these programs!

The high calorie-burning body-structuring training provides huge effects within a week of the program and the results are continuous and very addictive.

Resistant training is one of the most modern training techniques. Instead of lifting huge weights in the gym you can see the results from a simple “My Band”. Its proven to shape the muscle and burn fat.

The 3 programs work from level one up to 3 with each level lasting 4 weeks. By the end of the 3 month period you wont recognise yourself inside and out and not only will your body shape be unrecognisable but your strength and everyday fitness will be the highest and best its ever been.
The programs revolve not just around the bands but are an all round body workout with alternate exercises leading into the band work.

The majority of our clients add the individual nutrition plan with the My-band program to double the speed of results. Your nutrition intake plays a huge factor in your results and all round health. Getting results is all about structure and following a plan and with this program you will feel on track and look forward to your new session each day with the great variety and most of all constant challenges and improvement.

A fantastic full body workout with great benefits completely flexible and no need for the gym!

30£Per each
30£Per each
30£Per each
75£Per each
10£Per each
  • MY-BAND Replacement

  • MY-BAND Replacement (individual band) £10.00