• Success MLM

    “Its hard to put into words the difference the academy has done to my body and my view on every aspect of my life”

  • Ashleigh Wilkins

    “If a lady with bad hips and knee problems can get results then anyone can!”

  • Jo Sutton

    “It was the warmth and personal touch that made the difference to me”

Terresa Aylwin

so last Easter i met an amazing man,Jack Plummer,who took me under his wing and told me big changes were about to happen for me,not only did this man become my trainer but also my friend,his belief in not only me but all who he works with is something I’ve never had before,to go thru life being told your a failure or your never do this or that or your never become of anything takes away all your worth and yes you become all they say because you believe it too and failure becomes the only thing your good at,so Jack i want to thank you for helping me,not only with diet and exercise,not only for making it all fun and exciting and enjoyable but for giving me back my belief in me,helping me when i was stuck,supporting me,always listening even if wasn’t about fitness,laughing with me and giving me a hug when things were getting to me,i would never ever be the person i am today if wasn’t for you and i am so looking forward to all the rest of the changes that lay ahead,for every drop of sweat and for every aching muscle coz look at what we achieved,your the only man i know that has made me feel better about me the only thing you’ve taken from me is stones,pounds and inches and my misconception of myself for that and so much more im so grateful to have you in my life,i wish you all the success you deserve and nothing but happiness,thankyou Xxx

  • Steve Copperlin

    ``I have always known what healthy food is but i never had a variety to keep it fresh and keeping me interested which helped me throughout with the variety of options.``

  • Patricia Darville

    “Thank you for helping me, not only with diet and exercise, not only for making it all fun and exciting and enjoyable but for giving me back my belief in me.”

  • Sue Dale

    “I lost 4 1/2 stone in my time with him and have learnt lessons i never thought i could, he has changed my life and the way i lead it.”

Christian Richards-

For far too long I had been unmotivated and unknowledgeable about how to successfully lose weight, I had run the London marathon and around 10 great south runs, cycled across France but all to no avail, nothing lost..

I finally hit 16.5 stone and was pretty down when I met Jack Plumber through a mutual friend, Jack taught me it’s not just about how much you move its about what you put into the whole lifestyle package, eating is 80% of a healthy lifestyle the rest is just grit and hard work, come rain or shine he never backed out or let me rest.. always going that extra mile to push me back on the wagon of which I would ‘sometimes’ fall off, taking calls and answering messages at any time of the day or night to keep my motivation high and goals in sight, I lost 4 ½ stone in my time with him and have learnt lessons I never thought I could, he has changed my life and the way I lead it, im motivated to hit the gym 6 days a week and actually know what im doing in there, I also enjoy a healthy eating pattern with the occasional cheat meal thrown in, it’s hard to express in words how different I feel as a person now and I have It all because of the professionalism and knowledge Jack has passed onto me, I couldn’t recommend him enough, he has become a friend and mentor. My only regret is I waited until I was in my 40’s to start!!

  • Lauren Walcott

    ``The fact i was loosing pound after pound was fantastic to me but what shocked me the most was the amount my body shape changed as quick as it did``

  • Robbie Johnson

    ``went into this with an open mind and curious to see what all the fuss is about but can truly say i have been impressed with how proffessional and quality everything has been. 35 pounds loss so far.``

  • Jeanie Fidden

    ``22 pounds and the lightest i have been since i was a teenager is all i need to say as my results say it all``